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All about us.

New Life Fellowship Association is a family of like-minded people working together to proclaim the wonderful good news of Jesus Christ to India and the World. Our vision is to let everyone hear the gospel that has transformed our lives and that of countless others. We believe that transformation of society can happen as individuals are transformed spiritually and socially. Currently we have over 2000 celebrations being conducted in a week over a span of 200 locations.

Who are we?

New Life Fellowship Association (NLFA) began in the mid-sixties as a result of missionaries from the New Life Churches of New Zealand who came to India in 1964 out of a revival that swept their country. They established New Life Centre in Pune and NLFA in Mumbai. The movement went through difficult days in the early years until the Lord gave him a vision in July 1980. From then on NLFA began to grow in Mumbai and beyond as the leadership was propelled by this vision.

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Our Vision

To nurture churches under our care by providing apostolic servant leadership to obey the Great Commandment and fulfill the Great Commission.

Our Mission

To foster wholesome relationships and to share resources to help the movement reach the nation and the world.

The Team

Meet the Executive Committee.

Shekhar Kallianpur

Hon. Chairman

Dr. Jacob Serrao

Hon. Secretary

Simon Bailey

Hon. Treasurer

~ The Trustees ~

Ambarish Patnigere


Anthony Mankodi


Arthur D'souza


Benito Rogtao


Cyril Fonseca


Dirk Heuvel


Gary Mendes


Nicky Bhajgaware


Rajkumar Rao


Shelton Davidson


Johnson Samuel


Rajenish Das


Vijay Nadar


Vinookant David



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9 FCRA -Audit Statement for Financial Year 2015-2016 Download
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6 FCRA - Receipts Financial Year 2013-2014 Download
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